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Arshi FF: Crumbling Embers

Arshi FF: Redamancy  [Only on Wattpad]

Arshi FF: Induratize  Ongoing…

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~ Faiqa ~


87 thoughts on “My Work

  1. Faiqaaaa!!! Main yahaan..hoon yahaan..hoon yahaan..hooonn yahaaan.

    And this is one abso-freaking-lutely impresive blog!

    Way to go girl. All the bet for this new journey 🙂 Muah!

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  2. Hey Faiqa wonderful blog.. congrats for the blog.. thanks for link.. well sorry to hear Silent roar have been copied.. really don’t understand such people who does these kind of things hurting people by stealing their hard work.. well sad..

    Loved your blog.. best wishes and happy writing.. now you don’t have to worry about sending me pm or mail.. i will be there to read the update and comment too on time without fail now.. ❤

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    1. Aww, Param O:)

      Welcome dear …


      I just can’t understand ,well IF is my home and I love being there.I will be there and here,but def this story will be here as not interested dealing this thing over and over.Usually these are kids mainly in between 16-22 who are doing such things.
      and IF is overloaded with them these days.Some of them make me so proud as they are so mature and well balanced while some , just forget it.


  3. Hey Faiqa,
    Sorry to hear that one of your works has been plagiarized. People need to understand that writers put their heart and soul in their work and picking it up as is, is definitely not the best way to show your creativity.
    But, this blog is wonderful. Thanks for the link.
    I hope to see beautiful stories penned down here. My best wishes to you.
    Much love,

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    1. Thnx Milli dear 🙂

      Welcome to my serene place.

      I know, I was very sad angry a bit, disappointed ,but then every problem carries a solution, so why stress much as we have many things around us way too much to worry about.

      as I already post my stories for my non IF readers so here it is for everyone now.I am blessed as many readers of my stories keep an eye for me as I am a busy banda.

      Glad you liked it.Will def add more zest into it each time.



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    1. Thnx dear Gowtu ❤

      So happy to see you…Hugs

      I was upset this time way too much and IF has this issue a bit too much and this story wil take some threads there ,maybe more than I ever had so,this is the best option as it becomes hectic to close threads there.

      Glad u liked it. 🙂


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  4. Hi dear, Thanks for link. Miss you on IF. I’m not use to blogs but will try for only one thought
    “You cannot be like them but, you can be part of their story .You can be their Fan and I’m your biggest Fan”. Waiting anxiously for your update.

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  5. Your blog is awesome….Sorry one question every time do I have to login to read your other stories on blog ,as i have clicked on Inciting desires but a page popped up which took me to gmail login page for bloggers.

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  6. Hi,
    I would like to read your other works like silent roar. When I clicked on the link it says I do not have permission to read. Would you be kind enough to provide access for me read this ff.


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  7. Brilliant update 🙂 ❤

    So many things are out now Faiqa.This is giving me chills… right to my bones

    Right from the beginning …Arnav's struggle to cope with her confession..that is big.She never told him and he had to find out this way.It means he never confessed either. 😦

    I love The fact that she is coming out ,but life will take time to bloom in her,His promise is really giving me goosebumps.

    Interesting , So he was engaged to La, that means a lot happened in between .Is that he never admitted his love and she found out about La and left without a trace.BUT you are mentioning that her family was wiped out and her mother took her for safety…I will wait for that.Many things are attached to this.

    Past is beautiful…She is so innocent and pure.What a gesture, she cut the thorns so he won't get hurt.Love it.

    She is some mirchy herself, she made him eat spicy food and he ate it being a man. LOL

    waiting for chapter 5

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  8. Hi… Sorry abt the abv post . Was trying to post a comment to check if it was going through . I sent about 5 comments n I couldn’t see them posted . Finally its there. Sorry I’m new to this . Please bear with me ..

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  9. Hi,
    I read and follow your story via email. And I just noticed that the latest chapter is password protected. How do I get access to it?. One of these days when I have time would love to read the other stories of yours. Email works out for me as I usually get time to read when I don’t have internet access and my emails are downloaded locally.
    I did get emails for teasers and chapters before..

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  10. Hi
    Just saw that 11th chapter is posted and I didn’t get any mail about password
    and after that I got notifications about teasers
    please sent me password for 11th chapter

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  11. Hi, I am a die hard arshi fan too! I love reading arshi ff’s. Am a great fan of writers like Meera, Jenny, Devi, sandhya etc to name a few!

    Would you mind sharing the blog with me please my IF id is lakraj80. I hope this helps. Please let me have access to your works.
    Thanks for your time!

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  12. IF ID Yizhihenanjing: Hi Faiqa, I find myself lucky to reach here and read all the comments. I tried to PM both of your accounts on IF and get no response. So happy to find you are very active in interacting with readers here. I read both stories Inciting Desire 1 & 2 and completely in love with them. Many of my favorite IPKKND fanfic writers have left and now I found you. Rarely can I find such a decent way of writing full of a beautiful mix of emotion & passion. Like other readers, I’d love to read more from my favorite writer.

    I PM you to request for reading the story A Silent Roar. However, you said here that you will posted them later after this story… So I will wait for it then. I will start reading this story Crumbling Embers instead. I still don’t know how to get the password but I will figure it out soon I reach those chapters. Thanks a lot. Please reply to me, it means a lot. Thanks again for amazing work.

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      1. Thank you so much for still remembering me and informing me of this awesome news! I’m so sorry that I didn’t continue with Crumbling Embers as the story is a bit too intense for my preference compared to Inciting Desires 1 & 2, so please sympathize with me. Thank you so much again for letting me know that A Silent Roar is up and I definitely will follow that blog & comment !

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  13. Hi dear I’m not able to read chapter 16as my password is not working kindly please send me the new one if you changed it n my IF id is Uzii n I’m ur regular n most faithful reader so plz give me the access.

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    1. Welcome dear ❤
      to get regular notifications, please Follow this Blog..become a follower

      if u see right side of this blog by scrolling down there is a Blogroll

      Inciting desires is there on wattpad , u can read it there.

      As for now A silent Roar is closed .It will be reposted again after the end of Crumbling embers [my ongoing one on this thread ]

      If u have IF account, PM me at


      but if u r a newbie please no as I had stopped giving passwords to newbies…

      U can enjoy my stories on wattpad as links are in Blogroll


    1. I think I gave u answer for that , PM me on IF but if u r a newbie ,Then I am sorry as I had stopped giving password to newbies after 2012.I am sorry but this plagiarism has made me taking this step.Otherwise you can send me buddy request on Mysticaldivine and I have no problem to share the password.


    1. Hi I’m Priyanka an ardent fan of her writings, hence I would like to help you
      The easiest way is to go to a post they have made and on the bottom you see options like profile, search etc and there is one that says buddy and click on it hope that helps. But for this you have to login first on IF.

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  14. I’m sorry Faiqa Ireplied on behalf of you
    But what to do I’m remembered my old days when I was new on If same problems I was facing, hence helped her.

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    1. Hey dude what happened do not lose hope so soon let’s try this

      Go to her posts and then click on buddy then you will go to friends list the person name will be written before then click add to buddy list that means you have already send a buddy request. when that person accepts, the number of your friends list will increase. I hope the above information helped coz this is the standard way.

      Please see your choosing right name for sending buddy request. She mentioned above her buddy request name Mysticaldivine I guess or drop a comment on her Crumbling Embers story page on IF lets wait for her reply.
      The environment is not good right now as many top IF writers have got plagiarized so wait for her respond.

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  15. hey….thank you for sending me the e mail. But I am not able to open them. I am an arshi fan. I found out these fan fictions on arshi last year. From then I am reading a lot of stories on india forums,blogspot, wordpress etc. I just googled for new stories and I found your blog. I find it so interesting. But I can’t read all of them. So, I left a comment here. And I have a doubt of how to PM you on IF (Actually, I don’t know how to do that 😦 Can you tell me?)

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    1. Hey dear geeta, ❤
      I apologize but I did answer your PM on IF.I had stopped giving passwords to newbies after 2013 for this story.
      You are more than welcome to join me and read my work on Wattpad, IF which is not password protected.


      1. Hi I meant for other stories which are closed. I have already started following and when I pressed Inciting desires, I think even Silent roar, it shows access denied. I have an IF acc but I don’t know yours. I got this blog shared because Arshi fans were sharing this blog because Gul Khan kind’a stole your ideas for Ipk3. They claims but I’m not sure. Please give me your IF id, I’ll pm you there

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      2. Oh dear ❤
        is my IF ID
        but here is the link for A Silent Roar
        as I am re writing it so start /in index u can find the chapters' link

        if u scroll down teh blog The Right side u will see BlogRoll
        under there u will see all the stories on Wattpad…Inciting desires is there
        Inciting Desires 2 /Redamancy I am writing again on Wattpad
        new one will come after Crumbling embers


  16. hey there,
    I am new in here. was hoping to read crumbling embers but its password protected. am i eligible to read the story?? would love to read another of your works. just finished reading your stories on india forums and found a link to this story.
    do let me know.
    thank you

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