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Guys I do have a chatting lounge to ask or chat except asking PW as I won’t give you that openly/ For that PM on IF /Tweet/Msg me on FB


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Love&Hugs ❤

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149 thoughts on “Chatting Lounge

  1. Hi dear,
    Happy Pongal / Sankranthi,
    I am back to Crumbling Embers after some rough time and got my computer back to myself..
    I was trying to access chapter 24 and 25, but am not able to, left a message for you on IF account, hope to get back the access..Please send me the password, I want to catch up..


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  2. Hi dear I’ m Amita as (star_fan1) in IF. I think I’m regular reader of your update but don’t know how I missed udate after 19th chapter
    And I really want to read story ahead
    Plz give me access for your update

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  3. the password for your stories. well the answer to your question is that firstly i read thru your character sketch before reading the chapters and after that i followed your questions and then read some comments before commenting myself. Dont worry my questions will come to you but at present i would like to finish reading all and be up to date. But i am following it very clearly.

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      1. Aye hye Captian
        I’am back to pavilion
        After one month I learnt how to deal with seniors lol. My schedule was hectic; I use to come home just to eat and sleep like a person staying in a hotel .
        Today took leave due to high fever. Took medicines now feeling better 😉
        But never mind at least I’m able to have a talk with you faiqa.
        Will be reading latest chapter today itself and will give feedback .Also will try to catch with all missed chapters (I forgot the count lol but first will have to find out passwords for all them.)

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  4. Hi
    i just found your blog, i m on IF but i never came across your ff. my IF id is “ixray”.
    I found your blog while doing a search on google for some.
    I came across your stories on wattpad and one of the commentators had mentioned “crumbling ambers”. On not finding it on wattpad,I did a search for the story and found your blog on google.
    please can you give me the password to access “C.E”.
    i would like to read crumbling ambers.

    Thank u.

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      1. Hie
        Thanks for the rply 🙂
        I want to read Crumbling Embers
        I see this FF is PW
        Recently i have received pm from u for chap 35 but didnt find for other chaps.
        Hoping i get to read this FF
        I assure u that i wil comment regularly once i get to read.

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  5. From the date of joining(in office) I got so many passwords unable to remember them but still I remember this password in go (wink)see my dedication(lol) Only one time I read the PW.

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    1. As I mentioned many times at this point I am not giving pw to new readers .When I will start this for all to read again there will be a NOTE on the blog and everyone will get to read it.It is hard to go back and forth for the PW as I have many PWs

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  6. Hi Faiqa,

    We have not spoken since a long time, but really miss you and our chats through this blog. I would have love to complete the journey of Crumbling Embers along with you till end, but unfortunately due to some personal issues( which still needs attention ) could not make it possible .There have been no day when I did not remembered you and your excellent write ups.
    Extremely sorry for being an irresponsible person.

    I hope you are good . Bye, will be back soon

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    1. Hello dear how are u, long time.Seems like an eternity.LOL
      How are you, hope all is well.I thought I was forgotten like many do and as I stop bothering them.But I am really happy seeing you, chalo dair se hi sahi Yaad to kiya.
      Irresponsible to def u r…Hope life is not stinging u much , well wishes dear ❤

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  7. Life is cruel but I learnt a lesson to fight back no matter whatever it takes from you; shine like rising phoenix from the ashes; actually my brother is going through a lot in his personal life(can’t speak more about it) and I have to stand like a strong person besides him. Thank you Faiqa for understanding me, It means a lot.


  8. Hey Arshi ❤
    I hope you remember me?
    I started this journey and then on off and after almost 7 months I am here.I didn't forget you at all but life really kept me occupied.How are you? Sorry couldn't be with you throughout this journey but my friend I can see how much you have grown with this.
    Life is getting back on track and I am so happy to be here with you once again.

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    1. Roop is that You? dear I am seeing you after so much time.How are you dear?
      No emails, no message anywhere I was so much worried and concerned but had no idea how to find you?
      Hope life is treating you well.
      Well I am hoping you are back in the circle of life, some testing time you had my love.
      So good to hear from you. ❤ 🙂

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  9. hey..just read a night 2 remember,,i don’t know where to comment,so here I am..i don’t know if any body can forgive Arnav like khushi does even after putting her through hell…woow…lovely update yar

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      1. Hey started reading silent roar..completed the first four…cant able to read from fifth..can u please give me the password…my wordpress username is royalpooh and my email is….pretty 0lease…i am very eagerly waiting to read those beautiful chapters…..fingers crossed….

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      1. Ohh ok..If you updating this story in wattapad it will be good and new reader can also get chance to read ur awesome stories..I read your 2 completed stories .Can you give the links for the ongoing and new one pls.

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      2. No dear, certain stories remain on WP as I don’t want to share those on Wattpad. OK here is the link of ongoing stories if u r interested

        First u have to follow the blog and second stay visible in LIKES and comments…That is all I want[FOLLOW button is at the bottom of the page, scroll it down]
        U can click the index at the top tabs to see the chapters
        A Silent Roar Blog



    1. Hey dear 🙂
      Who are you?
      How did you find me?

      I am sorry dear, I just finished this recently .I am running three stories side by side, sorry can’t open this one at this point.It is closed, I know I am disappointing you but due to lack of time I can’t open this blog at this moment, but def the moment two of three stories are done…


    2. As I am seeing ppl who are interested in Induratize, can u PM me on Indiaforums, I know I saw ur messages here but I was way too busy in my work so completely forgot.U mentioned u found me some where, I don’t remember.If u r getting this message then reply plz


  10. Dear Mysticaldivine,

    I end up here after starting reading your RR’s FF on IF (written A WHILE ago). I’m hooked and would love to continue reading your other works. I think you are very gifted and I like your style a lot. My English is limited and I am a slow reader. Still, I’d like to request a link to your work relating RR and, if possible, IPKKND too. It’ll take me a lot of energy and work (on my dictionaries) for this reading journey but I can see myself investing in it! 🙂

    I pray that you are well and continue to bless people through your great work!

    Love from Thailand,

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  11. Oh no! What an embarasing mistake of mine!!! Really sorry for that. I’m feeling really bad. I’m new to IF and have at times found it confusing how everything laid out and linked. Please accept my deepest apologies. No offenses intended!! BTW, I’m definitely interested in your IPPKND’s episode analysis and FF. I’ll explore a little more about those on IF. I sent you a buddy request and hope you please accept it 🙂

    Have a nice day after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome dear, how did u find me?
      very simple though…
      Follow the blog, like and comment on all, not just a good update or such thing, I am not into silent readers at all. PM me if you have a IF account plz


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