Prologue-CH 15

       A cheer was released in the air from the crowd after a long pause …some closed their mouths with hands and some forgot to even close with this astonishing one shot which announced the winner of this year again …“Commando Arnav Singh Raizada !!…”   Read More   Prologue

But his arms couldn’t let her go…his eyes couldn’t even blink over this sight … the moment became still for a couple of seconds …Being unable to think or register anything , his lips could murmur without sound…“Khushi!!!”  Read More…Chapter 1


 While he was holding her arms ,She was hitting his legs and arms in all directions with her closed eyes…like she was hitting someone struggling to survive…struggling to be free…refusing to bow CEdown…as the stern voice of her changed the timbre in his name when she drawled it…“Only Arnav “……Read More Chapter 2


Arnav Singh RaizOVaxRtaada, grandson of a successful businessman Abhay Singh Raizada and a son of an unsuccessful ,drunk father ,but a proud son of a simple ,devout mother.He learned early  how to tame life to be successful knowing that wistful fantasies ,dreams, and flightless wishes only lead to a derailed future …Read More…Chapter 3

                                                                       “Khushi!…I will make everything alright…I promise!…”He  took out the book and here it CE$e (1)was..still holding the same fragrance around.His fingers  didn’t forget to caress the preserved red rose before bringing it closer to him to inhale the fragrance…the only gift and the memory of her…all these years…Read More…Chapter 4

CE4He stood right next to her ..parallel without blinking away from her serene aura around him.He slowly raised his hand to hold her…having a desire to have her fingers clasped around his …wanted her to have faith in him like always ,but as expected … she didn’t ….Read More…Chapter 5

CE6Her legs slumped down while mumbling many things,which no one could grasp ,but him .He knew exactly what was she saying, what was she doing and why?……He sat on the wet ground holding her shaking visage in his arms with the aching heart….Read More… Chapter 6


His heart was dancing as she was here …in his arms…He had imagined this moment many, many times ,but it would have come true  like that ,he couldn’t even dream of  that.He could smell the warm fruity smell that her hair gave off to make him go weak at the knees…Read More…Chapter 7

“Khushi! …”he whispereCE8ad  her name only with so much longing that she couldn’t move for a while.It was his warm closeness or her yearning ,but she wanted to be near him without a doubt in her stubborn mind.She stayed there for a while when a moment of spell broke …Read More…Chapter 8

CE9  He held her hand in his not letting her get away with it this time and asked the same,”Khushi! don’t you dare to ignore me…”It was the timber of his voice or the hold of his hand,but she looked directly in his eyes,”….Read More…Chapter 9

ipqnqvv Nothing was coming to the light even after months and his patience was running out.He pursed his lips with smoldering eyes and hurled the vase near him. He was in a state of unrest ,unable to concentrate when the sight of scattered flowers over the carpet grabbed his attention…Read More…Chapter 10


There was no doubt,Our first kiss was engraved in my mind for forever as an unforgotten moment…A Special one.It was magical, surreal ,like a dream and totally unexpected. I smiled many times at the thought of Dadi’s fairy tales.My own fairy tale story had come true…Read More…Chapter 11


I had no idea,but I swept along with these cascading waves in my heart and I rolled her with me before placing my lips over hers…Just to feel her.Neither I moved nor did she .I raised my head a little to see her angelic face and whispered while looking in her eyes,…Read More…Chapter 12

tumblr_m7hzap8pae1rpvhugo2_250 _but Arnav rebounded back with one swift move and got up ,forgetting all, in two strides he was in front of her pulling her from her neck towards him leaving no room in between.He was seething ,shaking while throwing daggers…Read More…Chapter 13

CE10b Arnav’s caressing orbs from her cheeks to lips brought a color of hue over her cheeks.His lopsided smile seeing his effect on her was more than enough to increase her heartbeat as always…Read More…Chapter 14