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The whimsical flukes of Arshi Essence …Through my eyes  🙂

Hello! Arshi Lovers,

Stories of Arnav and Khushi which I love to call “Whimsical flukes of an essence ”  as The essence of these stories is inspired by the show Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon which is whimsical and makes us feel the music of flukes in the air….at least I do feel that…

I started writing these stories a little after the show ended to keep this essence around…A Couple of One/Two/Three Shots among a  Short story “Inciting Desires 2” along with A Fan Fiction having some mystery around through “A Silent Roar” and now with a thriller FF “Crumbling Embers.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing these.

Note: The links to all my FF are provided in the “index” tab while “Crumbling embers” has a separate tab at the top of this page. You can come back to this page by clicking on the “Home ” icon provided at the top…

My Current thriller is “Crumbling Embers…enjoy

                                                                                                                 ~ Faiqa ~

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  1. Hi,

    Visited ur blog. Clicked follow button. Are u planning to make it private. Please do so that plagiarism will not be repeated and ur work will be safe. Will be with till the end.


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  2. Hey buddy
    So im bookmarking your blog 😊
    In a month of time i hav shifted my home from IF to wordpress with all my favorite readers😀 Jokes apart.. Right decision dear
    Waiting for ur craziness.. Bring it on
    My IF name is same as my id here..

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  3. The suspense is picking up the mystery of who is atfter khushie and does it have to do with her stepbrother veer or someone who a rival of Arnav ,hope you let us know how to connect the dots . I’m l

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  4. Finally I am here.
    My tab has some problem with blog so was giving hardtime in opening this blog.
    Will follow here just one request to give us clue about new chapter being updated on IF.
    It will be easy for me to know when you update.
    Beautiful blog .best wishes to you.

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  5. Hi dear, thanks for link. Miss you on IF but will follow this blog specially for one thought”You cannot be like them,but you can be part of their story.You can be their fan and I’m your biggest fan”.

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  6. Hi faiqa I am here too. I was busy from three days and could not login on IF. But today when I went there I saw your PM and problem you faced due to pilgrims. It’s really sad that you are third person whom I am following, face such problem and had to move to blog. Don’t know why people do such things. Stealing someone’s work is such a bad thing to to.
    It’s good that you move to blog. I am with you even if you made it private blog. I will follow you here.


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    1. Hi archu ❤ 🙂

      Good to see you.

      I found it nerve wrecking this time as this was the third time and I am not in a mood for this whole thing.It is better for many threads chapters to be here to click and closed whenever we have such an issue.ON IF it becomes difficult and especially when your thread is closed for the completed stories and Mods take time to open em.

      As I already have my pieces on Blog for my Non-IF readers so thought why bother , and I will close it when this story will be done ,so no problem will be like this.

      So sweet of you.Hope all went well during your trip.


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  7. Me too marking my presence Faiqa. Although not a fan of blogs here i am to read work of yours. All the best Faiqa and I am sorry to see that you too have to face the tunes.

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    1. Hey Bhavi ❤

      Me neither.I am missing IF already…:(
      I Love being there
      but the problem is IF doesn't offer one thread of something like that and the power to close it in such cases without wasting time…

      This is ok for running the story as u need some media to post it.Whatpad, or blog whatever…

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  8. Hello….. its nice that you have taken an initiative against plagiarism by creating this blog… support you till the end….

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  9. Hello Faiqa
    I am just4this from IF.
    Just commented on IF,
    Thank u for continuing despite all odds.
    All the best and good luck.

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  10. Hey Faiqa
    I’m one of silcent reader of IF,I hd been following up ur Crumbling Embers ff and read ur other ff as well…all ur work are quite interesting and amazing…
    sorry to hear about plagiarism nd hope you feel better soon ..
    Thank you for blog link nd ll be waiting for further updates
    All the best…


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  11. Your blog looks awesome. It’s good that you removed your stories from IF. It’s really sad that people steal other’s hard work. Some people are so unethical!
    Read chapter-4.
    Brilliant update.
    I loved the flashback part so much.
    Khushi was such a bubbly and chirpy girl; but everything had ruined after her kidnapping, what is tormenting arnav so much. I know he will not leave no stone unturned to find that kidnapper. I just hope khushi becomes normal again.
    Eagerly waiting to know how they separated and why khushi was kidnapped!

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    1. Thnx Soha 🙂

      I am glad you liked the layout and display of my new home.


      Of course he won’t leave any stone to find the culprit and he made this promise .

      Now the story begins in a routine form …every chapter will reveal the mystery…



  12. Hi faiqa
    Iam sorry and sad to know that ur stories have been copied – it’s such a cheap act – I don’t understand how people can stoop so low
    Anyways, Iam with u in ur fight against this.
    Congo in the beautiful blog dear

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  13. Thanks Faiqa for inviting me to this wonderful blog that you have created ❤ My IF id is:- Arshisarunfan & my WordPress id is:- sarunfan2013 .
    Thanks once again for making me a part of your magical world of Arshi FFs ❤

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  14. Hi Faiqa – Can you please add me to your blog as well? I read your A silent Roar a couple of months ago and then found this blog a couple of weeks ago and started reading Crumbling embers. I absolutely love your stories and would like to continue to get access to read them. I am guilty of not commenting the last couple of weeks, but I promise (scout’s honor) that I will do so from now on after every update! If you have other work out there then please do let me know so I can read those too!! My email address is rmehrotra20@gmail.com. Thanks!!

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  15. Hi read through the check 12 you really out lots of players in the chess board and khushie is the queen .I think khushue dad left her something that his rivals want .and sishi r and Ravi and Lavanya are in it

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    1. Sima dear can u PM me Please and if u r newbie don’t as I don’t share passwords with newbies

      ssecond Follow this Blog by hitting FOLLOW buttton and add ur email go to ur email and verify it, if u ask PLZ MAKE A WORDPRESS account which is free and then follow as u will receive the update notification easily in your reader box

      Third How did u find it interesting when all is password protected?

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  16. I’m following you on Twitter dear and you tweeted yesterday Teaser 4 Ch27 so decided to give it a try to your ff. And I read the mini text you wrote on the Crumbling embers index I find it interesting I wanted to read prologue but couldn’t cause it needs a password. where should I pm you ? On twitter ? I’m not really used to wordpress dear..

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