Chapter 31-

2017-04-03 00_19_39A smirk appeared on his lips grabbing a small box from his drawer.He opened one more time glancing at the sheer beauty imagining it in her slender finger.He couldn’t wait to see her expression, her illuminated face and above all to hear her answer…More to Read Here … Chapter 31



ce24“Really, henna and me…absolutely “NOOO WAYYY!..” He made a proclamation by sealing his lips over mine.Pavi’s running feet made me chuckle innerly but I had to cloak the anger while pushing him away.He left chuckling leaving me caressing my lips…He never left a chance to make me speechless……More to Read Here… Chapter 32


CE33gHe leaned forward a little and whispered in my ear,”Is this the way Mrs.Commander will treat me at the end of the day???” oh, tempting and challenging words, reminding me off why was I angry with him?

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CE 34dfHis face was averted just for a split second, still. a breeze lifted a few strands of hair, he seemed to be waiting for a sign and it came.The moment she twirled and landed over his chiseled chest, she heard the unexpected applause around.

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CE 35bPulling me closer to him he almost drawled,” because Dadi’s rules are forbidding me to see you on Haldi or after soon, Soooooo give me a kiss so I could leave peacefully…” Arnav leaned to kiss while I leaned backward by putting my hand over his chest…More to Read.Go Here… Chapter 35