Chapter 16 – 30


Prologue-Chapter 15


He moved away just enough to let me catch a breath  without releasing me from his lips,which kept busy trailing down soft kisses from my jawline to the side of the neck till he reached to my collarbone .He nibbled my skin in between his lips to get a soft moan from my lips,which always invited him somehow…His heart leaped with joy mingling his heartbeat with mine….Read More Here…Chapter 16

2016-09-25-00_34_06 He had been silently praying not to face her tonight,but no, it had to happen this way ,just at the moment ,when she was ready to move on and again he became the reason for her tears.He cursed under his breath hating himself ,but she cupped his face and made him look into her eyes..Read More Here…Chapter 17

She opened her eyes slowly ce18feeling his thudding heart right next to hers.Her eyelids raised slowly to meet his orbs ,who were adoring her cuteness with a devilish grin over his lips.She lowere her lids and walked back a bit but he pulled her back to him,”ah..han! aren’t you forgetting something??….Read More Here…Chapter18


The next stroke of light and his calculated move brought the prey right in his grip.Arnav giphyhad him in a naked choke from his rear and whispered near his ear while gritting his teeth,“Hello! Naik,” …..Read More Here

Chapter 19

His devilish smirk gave away and she punched him on his chest understanding that

ce he was just teasing…” I hate you !!!”

“But I love you…now where is my morning Kiss?” Arnav snuggled her into him while placing his forehead on hers…Read More Here  Chapter 20


Her mind started running imageedit_100_5285857845the last night events, Arnav’s bruises,the blood over his hands, his wet clothes ,though he was successful hiding all from her,and now she heard about Caesar.She could feel the danger in all of these events.A danger for her loved ones, her weakness, and just because of her .Maybe,.She could feel this ?…Something definitely happened last night,But what?…Read more Here  Chapter 21

ce-22Her mind was racing against all the odds ,why suddenly he is asking to marry him?He never believed in this institution,he never had this in his mind then what happened now?Is he feeling a sympathy for her?Read More Here…Chapter 22

ce23The snake jumped to attack but Khushi pushed her back and dodging its movement by throwing the gifts .She bought the time to grab the sword  right next to the wall and in one swift move and with one swipe she slashed its head…Read More Here… Chapter 23


“He will make me crazy one ce-24cday…” Khushi mumbled under her breath.“Oh! Really,..” Eyes shot opened hearing his husky voice so close.Mouth opened but the lips  couldn’t shape up any word with a hazed mind seeing his devilish smile. Read More Here…Chapter 24



ce25zaShe walked towards Khushi and held her hand while caressing her cheek with the other,” Our doll never told us what her heart wanted?We want to hear from her…hmm, so, Are you happy with this decision? Rani ma bent her head to look into Khushi’s eyes and asked…Read More Here…      Chapter 25


ce26A commander’s voice roared with a will of iron followed by the stroke of light.,,,“Naik…”A tremor rolled in making feet jammed. He shrieked in terror hearing Arnav’s voice in his head.He could feel a pair of hawking eyes burning his neck strongly…even air and rain was adding the fuel

…Read More Here …Chapter 26


I was amazed, wonderstruck, and mesmerized by his sculpted physique. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.Sweat beads started building up over my forehead and…Read More Here …Chapter 27





Without realizing how long he had been running, his feet took him near to Dal Lake, the place which had witnessed his broken state many times in the past.Caeser barked just to remind him that this was the place they both met years back then but it seemed Arnav wasn’t listening at all….Read More Here…Chapter 28

ce27t1Arnav tightened his grip snuggling more into her,“hmm, Let me make it exceptional with caramel popcorn, sitting near Dal lake, near fire…snuggling into each other under the stars where this woman in my arms would be the first and the last ever making me crave for this every night… What say? “…Read More …Here…Chapter 29


CE30Her laughs and the sound of anklet was spreading joy around along with the chirping birds and her flying dupatta was waving colors in between the sun rays.Alas!…She couldn’t see the peaceful smile graced his lips after years…Read More Here …. Chapter 30



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