Thanks Dil Se…

252333i79BDE8F9D2703D9DHello my fellow friends and readersVirtual-Hug-GIF-Image-for-Whatsapp-and-Facebook-4

Crumbling Embers has reached to its phenomenal ending. When I am saying that, it makes me feel sad and accomplished at the same time. I don’t know how to express that feeling, I hope you know what am I saying. It was a great learning experience. All I know that I never ever had imagined that this will be a huge hit. I actually had visioned the opposite knowing the reader’s mindset.As readership never stopped me imagining things and bringing it over the broad spectrum. It is true, I am not a filmy type kinda writer, or have a mind of giving you a story with such depth of sense. I write what I feel through my experiences, through my eyes and mind. Right or wrong was always in readers’ hands. I simply write without thinking any other thing or in other words I don’t have such mind filled with writer’s ego. I simply enjoy this feeling in me when I read others’ views over my words. Crumbling embers have given me so much can’t even say it all. I want to thank All, especially those who always took time and analyzed every inch of each chapter on a regular basis without missing one.flat,800x800,070,f.u8


Among those who stayed with me until the last moment, I have no idea what to say and how to say but you all made me feel accomplished.Can’t thank you enough.You were my driving force even when I was feeling down.Thank you Dil 3a0e3e06a354d743eb8526a2ead60c70se…Thank you for every word you wrote for me and my work.Thank you for keeping me in your prayers when I was down or my father was going through such a hard time.Thank you for having patience with me when I was down for my work being late for my updates.Love you and respect you All. ❤ ❤ ❤ and you know that.

Please one Last request, Do share your best memory of crumbling embers.I would love to hear from you.


The mixed messages never stopped, some of you out there are upset and I got it yet I never go out to the length to disrespect anyone the way some of you do with your mere words. My silence is the answer I hope you understand. Some of you were just waiting for this to finish to read. Plz, I had stopped sharing my complete work. Period!No exceptions. I didn’t change any route of my deliverance, I had a terrible experience of plagiarism and I came here. I started with PassWords and since then I am on the same path. I didn’t threaten anyone by closing my blogs or changing my ways by any means. If my ways are being disliked by some, that is fine with me as you can’t make all happy. A fact of life. I am cleaning off my IF accounts from the readers who claimed to be readers or friends. I did make myself clear with the PM of chapter 44 and those who didn’t PM me back They have been removed. I am still in the process. Just give me some time.



Once again, Thank you All for making this such a big hit. I am in debt to all of you. You were there not only for this story but for me and that means so much to me…<3



Crumbling Embers is now officially closed for a while and I want all of you to move to [CLICK THE PICInduratize logo] this new blog for our new home. Start the journey from the beginning, I won’t share any PW for that story with anyone who wants to come in the loop after the start…




Mystical Den/ Chat Club


<3<3 Do Share your experience, your memories, your feelings about this journey, Just for my sake…Thank You ❤ ❤




83 thoughts on “Thanks Dil Se…

  1. It seems yesterday when we started this story.
    Being honest, I was among those who found this genre a bit different to begin with but Now I can what a story.
    Simply Bravo.

    Marvelous story line with every single emotion you had dropped in it.We cried, we laughed, we held breath, we jumped and we waited like no one for the next chapter.The scenes, the words and the edits, gifs, everything is so unique for this story.Brilliant.

    My favourite part among so many was When Naik was done.I hate him. 😦

    Arnav-Khushi Parts, all of those and Kids.Unique names, unique abilities, Love all of them.

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    1. Thnx Zoya ❤
      it does seem yesterday when I started this.I am missing it already because every day off I was thinking what will be the next moves of these characters.

      Happy seeing you enjoying it after a while and then you couldn't resist.


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  2. Thank you for your thank you. Love this story from the start right to the end, it has been one emotional roller-coaster of mystery, romance, passion, tragedy and happiness. The way I was pulled in each chapter leaving you with feeling of wanting more and awaiting the next segment of ab kya hua. The mind games between the agonists and protagonists has been brilliant. Regards lily30 from IF.

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  3. Times did fly and left beautiful memories…first time When I saw cover picture of ff, ASR in Army uniforms and totally different story line then show and since got addicted to it, which turned out to be memorable 💖, you had done tremendous work my friend, choti se choti details, from every expect is just superbly amazing 👐🙌.
    There’s so many parts which is my fav.. when Arnav find khushi, all their romantic as well as angus moment ♥️, bonding of family and friends..
    all arshi’s Love encounter 😊😊
    You did make every character work really hard😄
    The whole concept was just beautiful, it’s like a fairytale. I cant still believe it’s end.
    Loved it dear so much and thanks a ton for this wonderful journey 😘👐

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    1. Thanks afsanav 🙂
      For all the time you have invested reading and commenting besides being super busy.Means so much.
      I know crazy story line if u say so.
      Awe, so sweet.I tried to intricate with laces of emotions or lacing all around of this quilt of LOVE, I had a vision and i just flew with it and then even my aching head or aching body didn’t stop putting it down.I have a weird nature of working, I never rest untill it is done.
      Thank you my friend always keeping me in your thoughts

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      1. I wouldn’t say crazy story line, one of my favourite favourite And unique but other hand all your stories are interesting and exiting, with romance, thriller suspense, happiness, pain, You’re God gifted dear no one can imagine the way you do🙌. You have no idea how many times I think how do you do this simple amazing 😘..
        It might be just stories for some of the readers but for you and us it’s your beautiful creations. How many hrs, days and months you put in, most important things is your time, family for us .. Thanks 🙏 for doing this.. behalf of all readers bottom of my heart Thank you faiqa♥️♥️♥️

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      2. Awe, you are so so sweet.We have this connection that is why I think we share common thoughts, but if my time and mere words bring some smiles and take some painful, tiring hours away, That I called a Gift I have in my heart and mind.
        Kiss and hugs, you brought tears in my eyes.Thank you for this much love I don’t think I deserve that much.A simple person in me just enjoy the time with you all and that is what I hold in my brain.

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      3. Yes we do have a connection ♥️Se
        And I’m 😢 too…
        If my hubby will see me right now will say har baat pe rona jaroori hai.
        Love you..
        my day off, I should start house chores now, long list to do, let see.,,
        Eik akeli Jaan.
        See you later…

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  4. Crumbling Embers was one beautiful journey n Faiqa u r one awesome writer 💋 ma dear I loved every part of it be it’s fabulous action superb suspense or every emotion , pain or sensual romance every word was worth reading ( me imagining😉)❤️❤️❤️ n worth waiting . Actually there are two of ma favorites the awesome action hunting Naik n the one particular scene wen Khushi’s sleeping with her face covered n Arnav watching her 😍😍😍 haye ( can’t forget it 😍💋)
    Hope u continue writing always 😘
    Good luck for ur next work 👍🏻

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thnx Laila dear ❤
      for every word, every minute you gave this story.Means so much
      lol, my romantic Laila loved really cute scenes here, I am so honored if these have left a mark in your brain and became memorable .

      haha, Naik was the most important character of this story and the way he has been hated by all shows how good he was doing his job. ❤
      Thank you my dear and don't forget to join in the next journey if you are interested

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  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us
    I can’t remember any special moments because I enjoyed whole journey
    You are not only amazing writer but also have a beautiful heart. I really want to give thanks to God that he send a angel . Don’t know I got too much emotional .Best of luck for your new venture.

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  6. U r the best thing happened to me…
    I’ve found a sweet frnd n a sister in u..
    I love to say I love u…
    kabhi bhi..kahin bhi..
    Be it I-F,FB,WA,Blog 🙂

    It must be me n ur readers saying thanx to u,Sweetheart..
    U’ve entertained us even when u were fighting with health issue or work pressure..
    Thank u so much for everything..

    Now coming to CE..
    I’ve opened the Epilogue in the next tab… ooops .. lol
    Sachchi..gonna read it right now..

    I won’t be able to pinpoint any particular scene..
    But yes…
    Every single Arshi scene is my favourite…
    Every NiSa scene is my second favourite..
    I love NK… Dadi …Pavi …y Pavi .. u know naa ??

    I m gonna miss CE …

    love ya ..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Apu, u r the best ❤
      I found a sweet sis in u too and u know this sis hardly be on these sites everyday but still our love never finished,Love u dear.muahh
      Take ur time, it is here and I bet u will love it as one addition of your family will remind u many small and beautiful moments to cherish.

      Thank you dear

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Thank for writing such a marvellous arshi story… from beginning to end it was simply catching all the attention..

    I felt i was watching an action thriller romantic movie.. thats beautifully you have written…

    Best moment too many… their first meeting, first kiss, fight, the wsy he found khushi n kept his secutity more tight, bonding with ceaser. Khushi’s breakdown in his arms, 3 friends friemdship, bond of khushi n SIL

    The wsy khushi fought using sword..

    The wedding n whole ceremony,

    Many more…😍

    Going to miss this story 😔

    Though i was late in reading n replying but bettrr late than never..😀

    Looking forward for more arhi stories from you..😊

    Congratulations for achieveing one more succeess👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe madhu ❤
      we are together for years, we are always have our AD with us and that is important so no apology my friend.Thank you so much for always being there.
      Khushi and her sword scenes, ah, I love those too.Arshi scenes are the best and the way these came out, I just enjoyed too, some took days to think over but it was all worth it.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Thanks for the note.
    It is we readers should be thankful for taking us thru the wonderful and adventurous journey of Arnav and Khushi with many twists, suspense, ups and downs which made us to come back and wait for the next. There are many favorite scenes and difficult to pinpoint some.

    Be it love,passion, emotional scenes between Arnav and Khushi. Arnav’s jealousy and Possessiveness for Khushi, Their marriage and the rituals, Khushi breaking down in Arnav’s arms after coming back to him for the torture she has to endure because of Naik, Arnav’s and Khushi’s pain because of their separation,Nitti and Sabi’s love and support for the other. Mr.Rathore’s honesty, putting his country first even over his daughter, Rajasa ,Ranisa and Dadi’s love and support for their children and wanting to protect from evil, Naik’s evilness, and trying to get revenge from Arnav in wanting to destroy him completely, Sabi’s and Khushi’s bond, bond between Arnav, Nitti and Abhi and their friendship, NK’s smartness and mind working skills in trying to put the puzzle together, Bhasker’s deceit and supporting evil over good, Veer, Alexander loosing their life while trying to fight evil, Lavanya’s deceit, her obsession over Arnav, Arnav’s commanding skills, fighting and destroying Naik, Vaastav and Yakov, Rufsar, Caser, Lilly and their antics, kids are cute and lovely and all the gifs with the updates are beautiful. There is nothing which can’t be termed not as favorite.

    Thanks for giving us such a beautiful and wonderful story.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe Chinni ❤
      you read this story like some out there with keen eyes and mind and I am totally in debt to u.
      You remembered each character and their role and understood the underlying meaning for each too.Yes relationships
      that was the main theme
      If friends, family, even bond of animals with each other and with humans.this is what makes a strong home, strong heartfelt relationships which can stand against any storm and this is a fact of life.
      Together we stand and divided we fall.

      So true kids forget the main and true way of life in the absence of their role model, their parents and that was la.She ended up in the bad company and destroyed her life yet her father is a committed person.In such cases sometimes women had to sacrifice some time as a mother and her mother didn't do it while Jenny left her job for her kids as Abhi is in teh place of Rathor.This is a priority and Jenny set it right.

      People who lost their lives for saving their family or the country, a bond which they had so strong in their mind with a passion no matter what they won't let their country down or their family down.

      A life is nothing without these bonds.A true relationship of Arshi whereArnavis always a true protector and Khushi is always a peace of his heart and now kids have taken that from their parents.

      I loved writing these characters and I must say loved seeing you get the true meaning of it.

      I salute you dear.Thank you so much for the immense love you have given me.
      ❤ ❤

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  9. Hello dear friend
    One amazing story it was, first of the kind , I read. Was never into action, or thrillers, but u changed it. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey.
    Loved all the emotions of the story.such a learning experience.
    What I liked the most is Arnav’s family accepted khushi with open arms.( in spite of she held captive by naik, hope u understand what I am trying to say).
    La’s story also was ended beautifully, Mr rathod deserve that for all the good deeds he did.
    Oh! I am going to miss this story
    Thank u so very much
    Thank u
    Ps old username Desai Mamta

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Wooow I still can’t get over that it’s finished already boy I’m going to miss it so much when ever I would be free I would read it and wait eagerly for the next update
    Really can’t wait for the new story to start hopefully to be more regular to it 💞💞💞

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  11. I will miss the Commander and Mrs.Commander so so much.
    Their pain of separation, their struggle to be together, their efforts to be coming out of the darkness, their triumphs to resolve all to be one and among all fighting with demons and within their own fears was the highlight of this story.Such a passionate, emotional at one side and the other side such a romantic and intimate.
    It kept us all hooked and we were breathing with it

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Can’t forget the friendship they had.
    Arnav, Nitti, Abhi, NK, [ I will miss NK the genius]

    Don’t forget the heros

    Veer who gave up his life for the country, Alexander who gave his life saving Abhi and many
    Raggy who worked all his life fighting against Vstav
    Shakur who did all for his kids and father

    The deceits

    Naik, Vastav Lavanya Bhaskar Yakov , how much we hate them

    The love and caring of Daddi, Rani, Raja,

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Love and friendship among all was the main key to this story
      and Veer who majority was expecting to be alive but he was the thread of this tension, he was the one who created this whole loop of enemies because of his abilities which many wanted to use for their own use.

      Awe, Raggy, a character bigger than life he gave his whole life to expose someone monster
      Shakur who dies for his family

      Villains, I love all of them

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh I forgot

    Rathor, The ultimate patriot the leader who was the wall against all

    Ravi who was an eye for the team but lost his vision and heart for La’s love.It did break his heart.

    How can we forget the most important Caesar, Rook, Lilly, Rufus.I love them, they were so lovable characters with a special role.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, Mr.Rathor’s role was way too strong, a pillar even though he had very less anticipation and scenes but his image was bigger than that.The projection was the main thing and being honest I had such a difficult time projecting some characters no question because they were invisible basically but had a big giant role and Rathor was one of them.

      Many till the 3/4 th of the story were thinking him the bad guy , I loved that thing as no one guessed who the heck is the main culprit besides Naik

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  14. AT the end, Kids

    Ah.I am in love with them di, I want to pull their cheeks, shooo cuteeee

    Aban is ASR how much personality he holds for his age.
    Aadit with his tongue out, I want to hold him, how cute
    Larisa, a replica of Khushi

    Mia is so naughty like her father, NK and she has Lucifer…Haha the devil.You know what am I talking about.He is hot in the show.

    Nabi, Prathiv, Navin, Kiara theyall are so cute and mature

    So Arnav secretly is still in MARCOS, wow!

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  15. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family it was a wonderful story which we have been part i have o word to tell wht i feel n i want to thank u or share this wonderful story with us i have love it i will not tell u tht this chanter was best bsc all wht u have write was best n one again thank u n waiting for ur nxt story too god bless u take care too

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Faiqa thank u for this thanks, u know I really love this story as I am not follow u at a starting chapter’s, but when I start to follow uer blog I must say that I madly in love with this, I really madly waiting for this update’s to know what next is coming is arshi’S life and my personal favorite is arshi’s romantic seen u did brilliant job in this it’s just like I’m not even read it I’m feel it to ,i cant even describe it in words I love it. I also want to a part for uer ather story’s also luv u, muhhhh lot’s of hug from my side 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍

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    1. Thnx shina dear ❤
      Arshi romance makes it worth but this story is way more than a romance
      Love at all level and among all was the key
      In my eyes love is what u feel for anything or for anyone
      It has no boundaries
      Just writing intimate scenes s not a story in my eyes

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  17. Such a unique story,your wway of writing was absolutely many layers in this concept,I still remember in each and every update I commented as ‘very intriguing’ frequently.i never read this kind of intriguing concept till now.Good work dear.looking forward to read more of your works.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. The whole part of the story was just so amazing except the part Khushi was tortured both mentally and physically which I couldn’t bear it. Other than that I loved how the love blossomed between Arshi and how the family & friends were there to help and take care. Love the way you write the story with passion and mystery!
    Thank you once again for allowing me to read ‘Crumbling Embers’ from where I left. I really appreciate it Di!
    Looking forward to read your new story!!!! And this time I will follow it from the start! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thnx sarah dear ❤
      Glad u enjoyed this journey
      but u r one of those who started with your heart and read every chapter, commented with thoughtfulness and I really really appreciate that.That is what I was looking for.I really don't ask much from my readers like make a page comment yet whatever they do, leave something to ponder about.Something positive and productive with qs to improve and that was u.
      Thank you dear ❤ I am honored

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Di, first of all big thank u for accepting my request for mysterious ff😘😘

    And thank u so much for this wonderful creation..n i m so lucky to be part of this ff from start to end..still cant believe its ended 😢

    khushi’s start end journey, her willing power, her strength to fight for her life and love with help of arnav..with or without his presence..

    Always love the way u show each and every character…and even animals 😍😍

    My best memory is our messenger chat..may it personal or related to ff or ur sharing of made me feel m somewhere special for you and i have got elder sis in form of you..

    Love u alot di ❤️..hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗 i will miss this ff..arshi’s unconditional love..sabi niti adorable mature couple..nk..lily ceaser and all journey towards end of naik..
    Hatts off to u for completing this milestone..✌️✌️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe, hugs my sunshine. lol, yes our messenger chat which happens once in a blue moon yet it always feels warm and lovable, We take out our heat there which we can’t do anywhere else, so true.
      yes, you and a couple of more gave me this idea and I ran with it but remember I said before starting it, no one on IF will read it as everyone has a same trend of reading stuff, there are very few minds who actually write different and read different.As I never care about this I just write whatever i like and this is my genre, I love it.But Look how many minds are here and actually there are too many but they have their messengers here to get the access and they all read, Shy people.LOL. But it did prove me wrong.A strong story line with every element in it gives a new meaning to the readers.I am so sure if I publish this book it will fly,
      Thank you for this great push as I was reluctant but you know when I start I don’t stop.

      Liked by 2 people

  20. For me it was worth reading it even after I couldn’t read from the start but I am glad I could be part of this journey that was now coming to and end.
    I am still wishing to read this story from the start and I hope will be able to.
    Thanks again❤❤

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  21. Arshi 🙂
    Even though I wasn’t with you throughout this journey but I knew it right from the beginning, It will be a masterpiece and I am sure it is.I missed the story yet I am here after a long time just wanted to share my excitement over this marvelous ending.I will wait for your start again to read the rest.


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  22. Hey!

    I loved/ love each and every part of this story! But the most enjoyable scenes were Arshi’s scenes in their rose garden and the bond between Khushi and Sabi

    I just enjoyed whenever the rose garden would come up with Arshi. And Sabi and Khushi were just something else. The bond they shared was very unique and different concept.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Will definitely stay with you in your next story as well. I look forward to reading that as well. Until then see you!

    – Daisy ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thnx dear ❤
      That rose garden scene was very difficult to write yet that came out so beautiful, I am happy for that.That rose garden and that guest house attached was their den of love and they shared all there.I agree with you that this story was unique and I am so glad it came out so well but you readers made it a big hit and I am so happy for that.

      Thank you ❤


  23. what a beautiful story and a fabulous ending. Sad it got over. Enjoyed reading it and what i liked about this story was the love friendship romance between the guys and gals were awesome and what was best was each ones houses were filled with cute and lovely children. Thank you for giving us a beautiful story and wishing that you write many more

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thnx dear ❤
      Yes, love and friendship at all level and all age groups was the one holding them together and yes they all have their own world complete with kids
      Future is glowing
      Yes, New one is coming up and prologue will def be up soonish


  24. Congratulations!!!!
    it’s been such an amazing journey not only for you as a writer, not for me too as your reader,
    I still remember reading silent roar on if, and then when I see this page, it feels so good to see you have a safe space for your stories!
    For your hard work!!!
    All the Very Best for your future stories, for Induratize,
    For the others you will write in the future!!!
    Hoping this story reaches higher than even Crumbling Ember!!!
    All The Best!!
    Take Care!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  25. this was one of the interesting, romantic, thrilling, full on mysteries – full pack story. loved reading/following, got behind on updates for few months and I appreciate you giving me access to catch up on the updates. will sure miss this one but looking forward to read more from you. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us all.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. hmmm….
    what can i say.. such a amazing words from all the readers…
    what a thrilling journey…keep guessing what next who and why?

    What i like …
    1) first flawless no negative comment .. cant find one
    2) Trust worthy – friendship , team work , family and pets included
    3) Arshi romance , understanding the journey
    4) what makes this story unique is the quality of the story … everything link together
    all clues people circumstance all tested , experience it to move forward…
    5) Naik – what happen to him the drive to make mistakes and vengeance to deep.. he have reason
    for his revenge but it is not justifiable taking on innocent people and betraying his country
    .. he no longer have humanity.. he became a creature.
    ( not easy to write something like this) job well done
    6) Picture edits marvelous , great effort
    7) The message in this story… friendship, family and love is one family.

    going to miss this story so much…..
    i really really wish you… can publish this as a book one day…1 step higher…
    waiting to here from you with new story….new journey


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Linsie, muahh dear for this fabulous review. ❤ ❤
      I am floored by the over whelming trust in me for carrying this ship, Many really guided me through and many have no idea how much I learned from them.Learning is a ongoing process in my head, sky is the limit.

      When I started this journey I had no idea how many out there will respond expecially, after Inciting Desires which was just passion, romance, This was something which needs a true "Dare" not kidding.The amount of time, the mind, the thinking, the setting and above all keeping good memory to connect all from this chapter to previous was the most hardest thing ever.

      you are right wasn't easy at all to write but again when I like something, nothing can stop me and this is what I had in my mind.I am so blessed that it finished leaving no stones behind.

      One thing was sure many wanted Naik with a severe punishment and I had many scenarios in my head yet, again this was army and not an ordinary one, MARCOS doesn't work like that the way readers are thinking, my information and HW and chat with people who are actually in gave me the closest scenario and the environment of that region.Yes one reader did mention about some pics which look different as she lives there but I posted the links of those pics which I took from the internet as I found those from the internet but I didn't get further info which I wanted to.Internet is not correct all the time as we all know…So I had to contact someone and confirmed it that this is from some parts of the region.
      As an educator I don't deliver wrong facts to my students and def didn't want to do here either.But the message which I wanted to show came out neat .

      I am in debt to all and Linsie million thanks as you always keep the thread running.

      Thank you for your valuable time and words dear ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  27. Hi, I came across your blog few months ago & had clicked following button. However by doing that I was only notified that you had new posts but never was able to read them because of password protection. Due to my crazy life schedule I didn’t bother to follow up. Now that I came across again, I thought of checking with you, on how can I read your stories? All the comments sounds like not to miss out on the stories, especially when I am such a big fan of Arshi. Hope to hear back from you & also hope to read your stories. Thanks Rashmi


    1. Hey dear,

      If you have an IF account plz PM me @ Mysticaldivine.
      But if u r looking for Crumbling embers only then I am sorry at this moment I am not opening this Blog, I am running three stories side by side.I have no time.Otherwise message me there.



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