NOTE: READ & Understand…

Hello, folks…

First of all, many of you know me since 2012…some after through my analytical side.I am an analyst of IPK episodes and all and still, I am.My love for IPK needs no justification or any words or any proof.I simply love the show and these two characters Arnav and Khushi who made me feel and see things which I never did before.I enjoy that side.I entered FF world later, My blast pals instigated me and I jumped into this world.I never called myself a writer…I just simply love writing about Arshi.I thank all of you out there who admire that writer in me.I can’t thank you all enough for your love for me and my words.I never was and still not interested in numbers, I love to read thoughts you leave for me over my writings.I am so sure you must have noticed that thrill in me when I read and write you back over those valuable words.


BUT My humbleness has taken as my weakness


Now I am facing some issues…


One, many are constantly asking PW and access, It truly hurts me to my core when I say no.It truly does,it is just a damn story nothing like gold or diamonds here to protect.I simply have no time to deal with Plagiarists.I did go through with this and now not in a mood as I am a busy person.First of all where on earth all of these newbies came from??? Their way of communications and talking to all doesn’t prove that they are new.Period.I don’t want to elaborate more.Akalmad ko ishara kafi hai…

Second, where are you ppl…400plus???? as I don’t see you in LIKES or in comments…

Readers who jump on PMs, tweets, FB message box gets full when I change Password but if I keep the same, no one even bothers. Sigh!!! I give them access, I don’t even see them??? Where are you and WHO ARE YOU???

Third, the most astonishing one.Some Ids, when I click…take me back to some wordpress accounts which are of big and known writers …

I had this issue with one and I did raise this Q directly to the writer herself by messaging and in return got the heat first, but got everything clear later.Now I am not PMing or messaging anyone.I am going to be clear here as I have more than one now in following list…If you all writers are seeing me on your wordpress page because of these readers mentioned to me….

I ended up meera30 WordPress ,I think something river, don’t remember exactly…as one reader mentioned me to believe her that she is an ardent reader…you know sometimes you find a way to the truth when you are not looking at.I found many ppl there commenting like whole PAGE worth comments and they are in my following list, hardly see them, or just in LIKEs and in off-topic posts, not in teasers or anything like that.Smart moves…but they read for sure as many have entered on the list to share PW. Shame , utter shame but again I won’t say their names till they cross my sanity…you all know out there who am I talking about.

I ended up ficverse one, as one of the readers here said she found me there.

It is an index of favorite writers and stories, I still have no clue how did she find me there as I am not on the list???

I ended up on Jenny WordPress

as when I click on that follower, she takes me to her blog…first of all you all can’t convince me that you have shared a pw /or BLOG access with multiple ardent readers while the other side making such a noise of plagiarism when this plague is so real. This is virtual world and when you are living on one side of this globe and letting someone be a part of your personal space by giving her access to inside your BLOG, it is not digestible for me until or unless that person is your so close friend or relative and u know her inside out.PERIOD.Life lessons convince me otherwise.


There are many multiple accounts roaming around just to get the access and they do and then they share PW around as they have no clue that  as an admin I can see….and I have received heat from those unknown ppl “Why do u change PW?” and I don’t even know them, they are not in followers either? Ironic isn’t it??? When in one day my views go 600 plus and only 45 -50 likes and less than 150 comments while 400 plus ppl…Who the heck you are making fool here? as I said if my humbleness is my weakness then be ready for my other side.


I want to enjoy something and some of you just ruining that taste in me. I want to give all of you one last chance before taking any drastic measurements…one thing you all HEAR and make it CLEAR…I am not going anywhere.I won’t stop writing for sure, I will SHARE only with few ardent ones…if I DIDN’T SEE YOU IN LIKES OR COMMENTS from now on.All who are sharing with their friends and I know your friends, right…… hands are so itching to write your names here…seriously.Why do you make so much noise now when I did PM you constantly when I started this story??? Just don’t drop yourself low in my eyes. I give respect to ALL and expecting the same in return…

Here, All of my ardent readers…A new story is on board…Become a TRUE follower…Launching my new story after Crumbling embers…coming up soonish…








159 thoughts on “NOTE: READ & Understand…

  1. So proud of you Faiqa that you have taken a stand and you have the guts to put it out there in the open for the knowing people to know that there activities can be monitored.

    You being a fab writer, you have the right to protect you work. People need to appreciate what you guys put out there in each and every update. It’s not easy to go back and write such long updates and that too when you have a full-fledged asli duniya waiting outside for you. But still you guys take out the necessary time to give the readers updates after updates. So readers should respect that and just all the plagiarism nonsense.

    Respect for you Faiqa!! Way to go girl!!

    Lots Of Love.. 😊😊

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    1. Thnx ina dear ❤
      I am not afraid telling the truth no matter what consequences are out there, and will be, losing readers, then those were not readers in my eyes at the first place.At least for not my work.

      I really appreciate that ina dear for the support, I am way too busy person on many fronts and writing is just a time passing activity which keeps us away from the asli duniya, as I said it is a story and meant to be for readers whoever wants to read but is it too difficult to ask seedhe seedhay give me password and read instead finding these ways?

      Life is too short why that much of an arrogance

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      1. True Faiqa..
        Don’t take too much stress. Just continue giving your best..

        You have a talent of narrating things.. u have an imaginative mind.. no matter who is copying your work, they can never take away your talent which is inborn in you.
        All the best dear ❤️

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      2. Thnx ina and I know so
        well said they can’t take my brain and put things together the way I do, I am saying being arrogant, Just the way I am, I know not everyone can even understand what I am writing , complicated I am, lol

        Thnx for your warm words… 🙂

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  2. Im sincerely sorry to read this , feel disappointing with those fake attitude.. Hopefully people realize and change. This is your hard work and you have all the rights to make the decision. Congrats for the new launch and Im sure it is going be excellent. Take care and thank you for sharing.

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  3. Hey Faiqa,

    I am not good with words but always to show my views even in 1-2 lines. I am so happy to see how u stand & deal with this. Really Superb, one more thing I also like that u said that u will not stop writing & will continue. Coz I saw many writer from IF that sometimes they quit writing after problems, I am not blaming them coz every person has a limit or way to deal. But I like ur courage

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thnx preeti 🙂

      I don’t like certain ppl and writers who intimidate others and some groups only project the same ppl over and over which makes some to feel this way to leave.I really don’t give a damn, I love writing and I was when I had a few readers and if this is not the medium I will find another one, as long as I want to do something I will


  4. hey i was searching some good arshi stories on if then i found u but ur stories r removed so just for reading ur stories i create account on wordpress bt i cant access ur stories it is asking sm pw how can i read it

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      1. dear which blog? I have many.
        If you are asking this blog and this story “Crumbling embers”

        Then no more PW for any as this has reached to its end.
        Click “My Work” at the top of this page and you can find some work which is not PW protected.More than welcome to read.I apologize but I have no other way around


  5. I really feel bad for u, as I myself being a busy person can feel how frustrating it gets when someone keeps on bugging u.
    But hey, u r a good writer so continue ur writing dear n ignore all the worthless people.
    And I m eagerly waiting for the new story.

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  6. Read you note up first. I too am a newbie.. Came across the world of FFs and OS just recently. And would love to read up all the stories there are out there, coz i love Arshi and wanna make up for all the time lost in discovering these writings. I may not be one to frequently comment,but will do so heartfelt and sincerely whenever i appreciate a story. 🙂

    i have started following your blog. Hopefully it would be ok with u 🙂

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    1. naushi dear I think I gave you the answer long back at Induratize blog, I had stopped giving PW for a while for this story.Whenever I will open as many are in the line u will get it.Can u do me a favor, PM me on IF plz


      1. I’m Fatima. I’m new to WordPress and I’m here just to read arshi stories because I love them and I love the ones writing too. I searched and found you and thought it’ll be great reading your stories. And when I saw this post, I thought you had really stopped writing and that I have missed a lot. I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to read your work.

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    1. You def found me somewhere and for your Question, I did not stop writing but I am selective in readers, only those who can be a bit honest and have some feedback instead of nice update, good etc or just a silent one who just read and no input comes from them.

      If u look up u can find my stories under “MY Work” click and go for it which is available and open, and if u like my writing and style then come forward, I will provide u the password ones except for Crumbling Embers.If u r looking for this then I apologize, it is closed for a while.

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