Happy Mother’s Day :-)


Happy Mother’s Day to All mothers out there…

My mother was used to say that always give your kids roots and wings with love and all but your eyes should never leave on their moves that how do they grip their roots and which direction they fly.

She was so right at every step of her guidance…

I am thankful at every step of my life especially when I became a mother,

I miss her today but I know she is with me as always….


Happy Mother’s day to All…<3 🙂


58 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day :-)

  1. Happy Mother’s day My dearest of all.You’re the best mom ever even my kiddo say that.How sad is that.So jelly belly I am.Will see you soon, how can I leave you today.No way.

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day faiqa
    There is no replacement for mothers love – it’s unique and has its own warmth which cannot be described in words

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  3. Happy Mothers Day to all u lovely moms out there ❤️ Though I don believe in a Mother’s Day that a mother is appreciated for js a day .For me a Mother’s Day is everyday.But wanna share something that ma son wrote something very beautiful for me oneday ” I donno how to write it in words cz a paradise can never be described ”
    It left me speechless…….

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  4. Beautiful words and so true.
    Wish you too happy mother day.

    I am back now . I has my internet started and will soon going to read updates. Will be back with my thoughts on them.


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  5. Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mother’s who are there in world and away from the world..
    We know every mother wants their children happiness and growth in this world with a good heart.. They are always with us in every obstacle that come in our path to support and guide us..
    Educated or uneducated mother’s are always smarter and good by knowing every tiny detail of our need from we rise to go to bed even we don’t know that much about ourselves..
    Love you Amma….
    Your mother will always be with you and proud of you di….
    Happy Mothers day to all..
    Take care…

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    1. Thnx dear ❤
      IF ID ?
      what is your name ,I know you have joined the ASR Blog…as you were waiting for that story for a year or so

      well said , Mothers with or without being physically present with you still remain with you forever.
      Take care dear


  6. I’m late but HappyMothersDay to you n all the readers of this amazing story n yes mothers are always with you whether they are alive or in the heavens cos whenever you are in trouble n need them they will communicate with you in your dreams n than show you the right path n I believe in it.

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