Chatting Lounge-Jan 7 [NOTE]

CHAPTER 25 – will be here in a couple of hours…with the same password of 24 .Keep  Stalking




66 thoughts on “Chatting Lounge-Jan 7 [NOTE]

  1. Don’t worry sweetheart, take care and we’ll wait, I’m going through similar kinda issues with both ends… busy at work and my uncle been operated with lungh transplant…anyways if you want hears from me I must be going insane with my life💖 Till next time

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      1. Thanks faiqa, he is recovering, but it’s gonna take long, he got both lungs transplants, May Allah give him strength and sifa from all his pain and quick recovery… So do your baba too always in my prayers.. you never know kis ki Dua kam aa Jaye!!! Good night

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      2. Ameen! yes, never know.I some how manage to keep my sanity intact.again ! Life has taught a lot.Never ever , Buddua comes to my lips as Allah knows better.we are weak humans, Allah Paak sab ko apni hifzo amman mai rakhe, Ameen!Stay strong dear , I know things never remain same,but this is life I guess.


  2. Hey!!!
    Hope everything’s becoming better!!!!
    How is your Dad now????
    Am sorry I am barely present these days!!!
    But if you need to talk,
    I am here, just mail or msg me, will surely try my best to reply to you immediately!!!!
    Hope you do have my mail id????
    Don’t worry, problems keep coming,
    But if He gives problems He also gives strength to overcome them!!!!
    Take Care!!!!

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    1. u r so right, Allah gives strength to deal with all too.
      Thnx for ur prayers he is fine now ,much better than before if u ask me.
      So sweet aishu.Thank you dear , drop by any time and message here just lie this and we can chat.

      Have a blissful and prosperous new year filled with peace. ❤


  3. Good morning

    Finally created word press account, but have to fill in details. Thanks for note. I think we can make more use of this chatting lounge what say? I left a note below my comment regarding my chapter 23 feedback. But any day keeps me at toes what to do kahbi kaam khatam hi nahi hota. I sometimes feel being smaller in family is hazardous; Bye will try to jot down a comment on electrifying update soon, hope so, before 23. All of you,especially your baba are in my prayers.

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      1. I was not opening account coz to remember many password is a big task. Also always have to login first, me lazy ass.


  4. Thanks for the note faiqa, I too return from 4 days trip.
    Take your time and update when you get time. Hope your father is fine now. God bless him with good health.
    Take care.


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  5. Hope All is well Faiqi Jani. We know , We all know you and we know the circumstances , so don’t stress yourself.You write for fun so why this much tension.May Allah give your father health and lone life to see all the happiness around.Have Faith!

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      1. Hello faiqa
        Good morning
        You made my day it’s Sunday along with your update
        I was waiting for your password for last one hour
        Now have to rush coz nagging mom is here
        Have to brush my teeth, sitting with phone,
        Doodh Lana hai, morning chores, chote hone ke disadvantage he he
        Will be back soon and read it

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      2. aww, sorry LTR I am running like a cookoo head as old one is sick without a plan, yes he was the one who kept me away as his exams were going on and he was head over heels,Baba takes time and then younger one , His final Physics project was due before the break, so me only one person among three men

        at the top coming late from the job wasn’t easy either. So sorry for all this blabbering , just needed someone to let it out.phew!

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      3. I’ m all ears
        I love you stay strong and be happy
        Happiness is the tool to heal everything trust me tried formula . I’m also dealing with a lot tension in life but it made me stronger.
        Hope new year brings positivity to all
        Merry Christmas

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      4. My key of happiness and stay calm is making myself busy, so when I am home and things corner me, I start writing.But again story has reached to a point where a lot of thinking is required, so bits and pieces take time.
        Yes ! Positivity for All, Please I need it and I know u need it and many more among us, This whole world needs it if u ask…

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  6. Hello Faiqa ,

    We may have not spoken since a long time but there is no day when I did not remember you and our chats through this blog; I had missed my opportunity; I left in between, but you maintain the rhythm.I would have love to complete the journey of crumbling embers along with you till the end, but unfortunately could not due to some personal issues, which still need attention till it gets end. Sorry for being an irresponsible person.

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    1. No I don’t remember u at all , Talk to the hand pleaj!!!
      How have u been dear? Long time.
      I missed u many times but then I know life is not a joke so left u alone thinking of myself as an intruder and I don’t believe in bothering anyone.If someone is interested then they will find ways back otherwise be it…

      Hoping ur issues have been resolved…Good to see u though.

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      1. Life is cruel but I learnt a lesson to fight back no matter whatever it takes from you; shine like rising phoenix from the ashes; actually my brother is going through a lot in his personal life(can’t speak more about it) and I have to stand like a strong person besides him. Thank you Faiqa for understanding me, It means a lot.

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  7. Not yet Faiqa but it will be resolved soon I guess( as we— I mean me and my brother are trying to
    deal it ,from past 3 years so may be it will end soon. cant talk more.)

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